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NZCS ITCP - Information Technology Certified Professional

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Introduction and Details

Assessment Steps ITCP is a comprehensive assessment of all the areas of skill, knowledge and competence expected of genuine and true ICT professionals.

The underlying philosophy of ITCP is one of accountability, responsibility and leadership. Today's ICT professional must possess these skills (in addition to technical knowledge) to truly succeed in the ICT profession.

Several areas of ITCP rely on the SFIA Skills and Competency Framework, an internationally-recognised ICT framework.

You can download the Certification Model for full details.


ITCP Structure

ITCP Certification includes 6 different routes to Certification, each representing a different background by which an ICT professional may have reached ITCP level.

The specifics of the application process varies by route, hence the first step is to examine the guidelines and entry requirements for each route to ascertain which is right for your situation.

All routes assess the following against the same standard, but in the context of that route. As well as general entry requirements, the three areas of assessment are:

  • ICT skills and knowledge
    General understanding of ICT core concepts, called the Core Body of Knowledge, and a detailed understanding of your area of expertise, as defined in a framework called SFIA;
  • Professional Knowledge
    A good understanding of non-technical areas, called the Professional Curriculum, such as ICT and the Law and ICT in an organisation;
  • Competency and Responsibility
    A high level of accountable and responsibility for your work and potentially that of others, also defined in SFIA.
  • Good and Sound Character
    Applicants must not bring the profession into disrepute, hence a good character assessment is completed.

Full specifics for each route are contained on the ITCP Routes page.