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NZCS ITCP - Information Technology Certified Professional

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Benefits to ICT Professionals

ITCP has been designed to unashamedly give advantage to certified professionals and NZCS makes no apologies for this. Those that believe in professionalism and are able to demonstrate they actually have the experience and skills to back up their work should have a headstart over those that don't.

ICT Professionals should have an advantage over "those who know a bit about computers" in much the same way as professionals in other professions.

ITCP is all about professionalism

Whichever way you look at it, professionalism in the delivery of ICT is absolutely essential for our profession, sector, and country. More and more ICT professionals, employers and potential clients are recognising this and looking for evidence of professionalism before engaging with those calling themselves professionals.

Independent recognition of professionalism is paramount in terms of career advancement, and demonstrates you believe in professional delivery of ICT - the difference between talking and walking - someone who "does IT" versus a true ICT Professional.

ITCP is Independent

ITCP is not tied to any company, corporate, technology or platform - it is a truly independent accreditation of ICT professionals by an organisation with almost 50 years of history as the professional body of the ICT sector.

ITCP is International

NZCS are members of IP3, the global organisation which accredits professional ICT certifications around the world. Once the accreditation process is complete for New Zealand ITCP will be recognised globally as meeting the international standard for certified professionals.

If you want to get ahead on the world stage, you need independent professional certification.

ITCP = A Significant Competitive Advantage

ITCP independently accredits ICT professionals as operating at a high level of competence, understanding standards, and shows that certified professionals are serious about professionalism and professional practice.

Whether you're a consultant looking for an edge, your organisation want to show your clients you're serious about professionalism, or you're off on your big OE, ITCP will provide a significant competitive advantage.

If your company is looking to export, having Certified ITCP Professionals on staff gives your organisation a competitive edge over other organisations in other countries which don't have independent accreditation in place - this could literally mean the difference between getting the contract and not.


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