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NZCS ITCP - Information Technology Certified Professional

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Benefits to New Zealand

New Zealand and New Zealanders compete on the global stage more and more, as individuals, organisations, and as a country.

The World Stage

To compete on an even footing with our overseas counterparts, New Zealand ICT professionals must have access to the same opportunity to obtain internationally-recognised professional recognition. Without this, New Zealand is automatically at a disadvantage to many other countries (which have implemented professional certification), and New Zealand's ICT profession runs the risk of being considered second-class on the world stage.

Professional Practice

Professional certification breeds professional practice. It is also important that New Zealand reaps the economic benefit of a high quality and well functioning ICT community, and ITCP is the cornerstone to achieving this.

Confidence in ICT

For ICT to truly contribute to New Zealand's economic development kiwis must trust ICT as a profession. This can only be achieved through independent professional certification.