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NZCS ITCP - Information Technology Certified Professional

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Benefits to Non-ICT Businesses

ITCP provides two key advantages to non-ICT organisations - independent assurance when selecting quality, experienced staff, and confidence in selecting ICT companies based on the fact they have independently certified professionals on staff.

This is in addition to the multiple other spinoffs from having a profession of true professionals.

Independent Assurance

ITCP is a truly independent professional certification programme and assists in part by providing a peer-review mechanism for ICT professionals.

Whilst NZCS cannot warrant an individual's quality or output, results from similar programmes overseas would indicate that those whom subscribe to professionalism and ethics and are prepared to submit themselves to a rugged and independent accreditation process are more likely to produce a better result in their work.

Selecting Professionals

Whether an organisation is looking to employ or contract a single individual or a multinational organisation with hundreds or thousands of staff, relying on independent accreditation makes the process more robust and reliable.

It's simple: If you're looking for a professional service, you need to be dealing with organisations whom have shown a commitment to professionalism through action, not words.

Those organisations committed to the independent accreditation of their ICT professionals are those that believe in professionalism.