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NZCS ITCP - Information Technology Certified Professional

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ITCP is about:

  • Professionalism
  • Recognition
  • Career Advancement
  • Maturity of ICT
  • Global Support
  • Agreed Standards
  • Protection (of clients)
  • Confidence in ICT

About ITCP

ICT Professionals "Certification is not the objective of ITCP. Professionalism is"

Information Technology Certified Professional, or ITCP, is the overarching standard for ICT Professionals in New Zealand.

ITCP is the mark of true ICT professionals - those independently accredited by IITP, New Zealand's ICT professional body. ITCP will also be accreditation under the IP3 Standard resulting in global recognition.

ITCP doesn't just include recognition of ICT skills and knowledge - ITCP certified professionals have a solid understanding of other issues such as responsibility and accountability, communication skills, demonstrable leadership, an understanding of the relevant legislative framework, and most importantly, a measure of competence rather than just knowledge.

Maturing ICT into a True Profession

Through ITCP, ICT professionals who operate ethically, have a broad knowledge and skill base including non-technical areas of ICT (such as privacy, ethics, communication and leadership), and have a strong mix of education and experience will gain a well-earned competitive advantage.

And so they should. Those that believe in ethics and professionalism should be recognised, and those that don't have no place in a profession entrusted with the information and communications technology that underly the success of our country's economy, government, business and community.

There is currently no differential between someone who "does IT" without any training or experience, and an experienced and ethically-minded ICT Professional. It's time ICT grew up, and ITCP is the first step in bringing about much needed real and significant change.

International Recognition

PeopleITCP is New Zealand's contribution to a global programme of professionalism and certification being coordinated by the IP3 Taskforce (, set up by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP -, an international umbrella organisation originally established by UNESCO.

This means that once the accreditation process is complete, ITCP will be recognised around the world. New Zealand organisations with ITCP Certified Professionals on staff will gain a significant differential from competitors, giving potential clients the confidence to deal with an organisation with independently accredited professionals.

Professional Recognition

The net result of the implementation of internationally-recognised certification in New Zealand, and the formal ratification of such by the international community, is that New Zealand's ICT Professionals will gain the same professional recognition as their colleagues in most other countries.

This is becoming increasingly important if our ICT sector is to remain internationally competitive. As the IP3 Programme takes hold around the world it is likely ICT Professionals will require a recognised certification, in the same way this is required of other professionals practicing on the international stage.

SFIA - the Competency Framework

The underlying foundation of ITCP is SFIA - the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

SFIA FoundationSFIA was originally developed in the UK 22 years ago by a consortium of 30 ICT professional bodies, commercial organisations and government departments. The framework is now in use around the world and is recognised as the competency framework for ICT.

SFIA v4 breaks all ICT tasks down to 86 specific skills, then defines these clearly into 7 levels of competence for these skills, with Level 1 being more entry-level or basic skills (such as the operation of a helpdesk), and Level 7 being highly specialised (such as Information Architecture).

The ITCP Standard

ITCP contains 3 distinct areas of assessment (Skills and knowledge, Professional knowledge and Competency and Responsibility), as well as including a number of prior requirements around education and experience.

ITCP is for those that are operating at a level where they are accountable and responsible for their actions. There are 7 distinct "routes" for ITCP to cater for the various methods of achieving the standard.

Please see ITCP in Detail for further information.